Support & Updates

The best software in the world is of little use if there is not a top class Support service available when you need it.

Plusfactor Users enjoy the benefits of excellent Support - because the professionals who have designed and created the programs provide it!

Whether your query is related to Accounting functions - “I've got an unusual circumstance here, how do I handle it”? type queries, just checking your interpretation of how to handle a standard function (especially if you are a new User) - there is always a friendly voice available to take your call.

We have full time programming staff continuously improving the code and fulfilling specialist support requirements where requested. We provide support by telephone or email from 8:30am to 5:00pm, 5 days a week.  After hours service can be provided on request by prior arrangement.  After hours rates are $245 per hour.  

Any advanced Accounting system User will require help. Customer Support is the highest priority function at Plusfactor. Whenever you need Help, it is our Job to provide it efficiently, rapidly, and with minimised downtime.

This service does not extend to products such as Microsoft Excel, Outlook, Word etc!

On Line support is available using the in-built copy of Team Viewer™ supplied FREE with PlusfactorSQL, or using Microsoft Terminal Services™ (if installed), and data files can be uploaded to our FTP Server from the Plusfactor Administrator Utility menu.  Fixes to client data files are chargeable where the client is clearly at fault.

We are extremely proud of the service we give to our Clients, and we continue to strive to be the very best we possibly can.

PlusfactorSQL program files are updated at regular intervals via the Internet. Users are advised by e-mail of Upgrades, and these are downloaded from our Website - a password is required.

There is context-sensitive ToolTip Help throughout the program, and a context sensitive User Manual is maintained on the hard disk in HTML format accessed with the F1 key, along with answers to FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions).  Plusfactor also maintains an extensive selection of practical "how to" notes.

Software Upgrades

We have a policy of continuous development and improvement of our software.

We release significant updates comprising new or enhanced routines at least twice each quarter, thus ensuring Users do not have to wait months for new features and/or the fixing of any issues that arise. PAYE tables are updated as required.

The Annual Licence Fee covers all of these upgrades.  There are some things the fee does not cover:
     • Onsite support.  We are happy to visit on site.  Normal hourly rates and travel charges apply.
     • Follow-up user training or training on new areas of function.  Onsite training at your offices or remote instruction will charged at the normal rates. 
     • Where a client purchases a new server/computers or has to re-build/restore a current server, we will charge a fee to re-establish Plusfactor. Please give us at least a fortnight’s notice so we can schedule the time/move well in advance.
     • At times we are called upon to give accounting, costing system advice, or to assist staff to process transactions to meet a deadline.  This assistance will be charged.
     • Loading a new logo or similar graphics will be charged at the normal hourly rate.
     • On occasion, where an IT provider has said there is a Plusfactor issue, our primary focus is to get the client running ASAP.  If it turned out it was actually an IT provider issue, we’d look to recover a fair recompense for our time from the client and if desired they could recover that from their IT provider. 
     • The first hour of an upgrade is covered by the licence fees.  Where virus scanning issues or similar IT hurdles extend the time for the upgrade, the time over an hour will be charged.