The entire system works on the basis of one-shot data entry, so that each transaction is keyed only once into PlusfactorSQL and is then processed automatically everywhere it needs to go in each of the other ledgers and/or modules.

This approach is fast, efficient, and provides much less opportunity for data entry error as each transaction is keyed once only.


PlusfactorSQL is equipped with comprehensive Security measures permitting modules and functions within modules to be password-protected. Additionally, access or function can be permitted or denied by User by function. This approach provides a very high level of protection against data being accessed by unauthorised persons. The main data files are also password-protected - with the passwords available only to Plusfactor personnel. The database passwords are never provided to Users under normal circumstances.

Default Inputs.

The system is designed to permit easy setting up of default inputs to further save time and errors. For example Creditor Records contain default General Ledger posting codes, so that, for example, an Invoice from Telecom will default to post to your Telephone and Tolls account in your General Ledger.

Similarly a default Component Number can be set for Subcontractors so that for example a standard Job template may list Plumbing as Component Number 67. The default component no. can then be set to 67 for all Plumbing suppliers - whether merchants or subcontractors - and any Invoices or Subcontractor Claims from these suppliers will default to the Plumbing Component on the Job.

Default markups can be set up for Jobs to calculate selling prices to the client on incoming materials, labour, plant, and subcontractor costs. Default Labour rates can also be set up. Default job margins can also be established by customer - thus preventing over or under charging specific customers.

There are numerous other defaults, all of which can of course be manually over-written at any time.

E-mail Requirement.

All PlusfactorSQL customers are required to have a suitable modem, an email address, and a Broadband connection to the World Wide Web. Microsoft Outlook™ is the preferred email program, and Microsoft Internet Explorer™ the preferred Web connection.

PlusfactorSQL is the ideal Accounting tool for the 21st Century