Microsoft Visual Basic

PlusfactorSQL is written in Microsoft Visual Basic 

This is Microsoft's most popular development language, and provides our software with instant ability to interchange data with the most popular applications such as Microsoft Word, Microsoft Excel, Microsoft Project and many others.

Visual Basic is a 32-bit language, which means it is specifically designed to run on the most recent chips. It is a totally up to the minute product.

The database engine is Microsoft SQL Server Express Version 5 - upgradeable as required.

The Mobile Timesheets App is written in HTML5

Plusfactor elected to use HTML5 for this cloud-based module to ensure it would be device friendly on the android and iOS hardware.

Crystal Reports for custom reporting.

The Report Writer program used by PlusfactorSQL is the renowned Crystal Reports by Seagate Software. This means that you can have any report you require programmed for you as a custom job Fully customised forms - invoices, statements, remittances, progress claims, and self-billing invoices - you name it! Note that a fully detailed written specification is required for every custom report. We will be pleased to quote for your requirements.

All data is retained - permanently!

The IRD requirement is for 7 years, and it is legal for this data to be stored electronically provided their requirements are met.

PlusfactorSQL provides Instant access to any transaction any time you need it!

Roll back on invalid data entry.

PlusfactorSQL has very sophisticated anti-corruption techniques that make it virtually impossible for you to get data corruptions.

If a transaction fails to post correctly to all the relevant accounts, the system performs roll back, and resets the transaction as unposted. No part of the database is updated in these circumstances. You can then attend to the cause, and re-commit the transaction for posting.

This facility is normally found only on corporate sector software.

Automatic calculation of WIP by Job

The system continuously monitors the value of Work in Progress for every Job, maintaining the total in the General Ledger, and provides the detail of the calculations right down to the last nut, bolt, and screw on every Job.

As your Trading and Profit & Loss Account (Statement of Financial Performance) depends for its accuracy on the accuracy of the WIP calculation, you can see just how vital this figure is.

With PlusfactorSQL you can rely on the figures being dead right - and knowing the state of the health of your business on a day to day basis is vital in today's fast-moving and highly competitive market.

Every single Job in the system gives you a profit picture for the month to date, and the Job to date - so you know exactly where you are making (or losing) money!