Total Building Solutions Ltd

"At Total Building Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on being the best we can - so we use the best materials, the best staff and subbies, and the best of everything that produces the best results for our clients.

Shore Build Ltd

"Shore Build Ltd is a North Shore based Company specialising in high-end residential construction..We installed PlusfactorSQL in February 2011 to handle our accounting, job costing and payroll.

Good Bros Group Ltd

"Way back in the 1980's we installed Plusfactor Quoting & Estimating.  Now over 25 years later we still use Plusfactor software - and its come a mightly long way since those early days!

PlusfactorSQL handles all of our accounting, job costing and payroll functions, and we are proud to have made many contributions to the design as the program has evolved over the years.