Additional Information


Please note that it is compulsory for all users to have an e-mail account via a broadband connection as all our programming updates and customer information updates are sent via the Internet.

Licence Arrangements

The number of licensed concurrent users will be specified as per invoice prior to installation of the software.

Concurrent licensing permits a User to install the software on any number of computers on one network, and to specify the maximum number of users who will need to be accessing PlusfactorSQL simultaneously.

A licence is required only for that maximum number of concurrent licences.

Remember that the User does NOT own the software, but is granted a Licence to Use, subject to the Conditions of Use. These Conditions of Use are displayed for Acceptance when the software is installed, and completing the installation process shall be deemed to constitute acceptance of the Conditions of Use. 

Chartered Accountants

We strongly urge every prospective buyer to involve their Chartered Accountants in the selection of a new Accounting package in order to have their professional input as to a given package's suitability for that buyer's business.

Remember that your Accountant will have had only limited exposure to the range of available software.

Do not expect him/her to be an authority on software but remember he/she is an expert on accounting, and should be able to offer excellent guidance when assessing the package for you.

We also urge new clients to involve their Chartered Accountant from the outset in the set up of the new system, and to oversee the operation of the system at least for the first two months to ensure that there is no opportunity for garbage in, garbage out.

It is our experience that the best sites are always those that maintain a close liaison with their Chartered Accountant.

Chart of Accounts.

PlusfactorSQL Accounting is supplied with a complete General Ledger Chart of Accounts suitable for most construction industry companies. You can modify this Chart to suit your requirements, or delete it and compose your own from scratch. Should you require Plusfactor personnel to restructure a Chart for you, the time is chargeable at current rates ($225 plus GST per hour).

Programming Language

PlusfactorSQL is written in Microsoft Visual Basic™ (Professional Edition). A small number of third-party tools are also used. The software is written as a client/server application using Microsoft SQL Server 2005,  The Report Generator is Seagate Crystal Reports™.  The Mobile Timesheets App is written in HTML5

Minimum Hardware Requirements.

Server Install (includes machines that are both a client and a server)

PlusfactorSQL installs a run-time version of Microsoft SQL Express that should be perfectly adequate for most Plusfactor sites.  Larger users may elect to install a full version of SQL to gain better performance.  This can be done at any time, and so we would suggest using the default installation initially and upgrading to the full version of SQL only when/if that proves necessary.
PlusfactorSQL runs acceptably on an Intel i5 processor – or an equivalent or better current CPU.    
The minimum specification will vary depending on the Operating system on a User’s computer(s).
Your network/technical support advisers will understand the above requirements.
Absolute Minimum requirements:

  • 1GB minimum (2GB or more preferred)
  • 5 GB of free hard disk space on the C Drive.  Data usage will require more disk space over time. but the data files may be stored on drives other than C:
  • A fast Broadband internet connection.
    One of:
  • Windows Server 2012 or 2016
  • Windows 8 or 10

If you intend using Microsoft Terminal Services, please discuss this with us by calling +64 9 486 2030 and ask for Programming Support. Terminal Services is supported for Plusfactor/32.

Workstation Install

The minimum requirements for a client computer are essentially the same as for a Server – except that the same amount of hard disk space is able to be less, as no data is stored on client computers.