Reseller Opportunities

Plusfactor Software is a NZ software company, that develops and sells job cost accounting software specifically for the NZ Construction Industry. The software is great for any type of business that ‘costs’ a job; builders, plumbers, electricians, etc etc.

We are currently signing regional sole Agency Agreements with viable re-sellers nationwide for our software package – PlusfactorSQL.

Property prices are climbing, immigration is booming, baby-boomers kids need housing …NZ needs housing. Given the level of construction activity that will happen throughout NZ over the next few years this is an excellent opportunity. .

Plusfactor is a fully integrated accounting suite containing four modules:

  • Job cost Accounting
  • Quoting &Estimating
  • Payroll
  • Purchase Ordering

The software is very well proven; with currently in excess of 100 sites throughout NZ.

Accountancy Companies

If we could offer you a way, to make money from existing clients whilst making ‘your’ accounting work for them easier, would you be interested? What if we could provide you with a vehicle for further revenue streams whilst on-boarding new clients, and gaining their on-going accounting business? There’s a further opportunity if you wish to go a step further and market and sell the product throughout a region.

Business Solution Companies

Take control of a region, and start marketing and selling Plusfactor to a wide vertical market. We can supply proven marketing and sales tools to assist you prospect for leads, demonstrate the software and close sales

Become a re-seller

We will implement full training for one (or more) of your staff so that they are able to configure the software to suit the individual client, and to train the clients to use the various modules.

We provide a generous margin on selling the software, training fees, and of course for accountancy dealers the best chance to secure a client’s on-going accounting work. Please get in touch using the enquiry form provided.

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