Purchase Ordering

A Purchase Order is best defined as a cheque that has not yet been written! If you are truly serious about controlling costs, then using a Purchase Ordering system is a "must do".

The objectives of the Purchase Ordering module are to automate the process of procuring goods whether for Jobs, Stock, or Expense items such as Stationery, Airline tickets - whatever.

Data can be imported directly from the Quoting & Estimating module into Purchase Ordering for the entire Job, selected line items only, or by Supplier by Required Date. This eliminates manual keying of the Orders - and maintains the accuracy of the data.

Orders can also be keyed manually at any time - so you can key details from Order Books carried by Staff.

When Purchase Orders are receipted there is an instant on screen visual identification of correct quantities and prices. Note that an Order can be placed with no Cost Price - as is frequently required.

Back Orders can be logged for items short delivered if required. Multiple Packing Slips can be receipted against one Order.

When the Invoice is received it is checked against the Packing Slips that have been processed, and on receiving the Invoice Number and Date the software then creates the Creditor Invoice document in the Accounting module, ready for Posting and then payment.

There is a range of Reports available, including of course, Outstanding Orders by Job or by Supplier etc.

Again, the keynote is simplicity.