Easy Install & Use

PlusfactorSQL is very easy to install, and very easy to use.

The screen designs have been given a great deal of thought, and are highly intuitive - while clever programming prevents the input of incorrect data. The interface is right up to date - it closely resembles that of programs like Microsoft Internet Explorer, and so is instantly familiar to virtually anyone who uses a Windows based system.

Reference Sites

We will be pleased to supply a list of reference sites for you to contact for unbiased advice on the quality of the software and our support services.

Only minimal data is required to get the system started.

You need only a handful of figures to implement PlusfactorSQL Accounting at any time - the rest of the figures can be added later. Our trained staff will be happy to advise you on any aspect of getting operational.

PlusfactorSQL offers real value for money.

We simply do not believe that you will be able to find another package offering anything like the same capabilities as PlusfactorSQL at anything remotely comparable in terms of installed cost. We can't!!

PlusfactorSQL is the ideal Accounting tool for the 21st Century