Features and Benefits

PlusfactorSQL provides totally integrated Accounting.

This means that every posting automatically updates all of the relevant ledgers instantly.

Every Report is as up to date as the last transaction you have posted - and there are no manual postings required from one ledger to another.

You do not require a high level of Accounting expertise in order to produce accurate accounts right through to Balance Sheet (Statement of Financial Position) stage. The software has all the tricky bits programmed for you - just key the data, and the rest happens as if by magic!

PlusfactorSQL is a complete suite of software.

Lots of businesses buy software to do specific tasks - a payroll program here, an invoicing program there, yet a third purchasing program etc. This means the same data has to be keyed several times in order to achieve the final result.

Do it once and do it right! PlusfactorSQL is integrated right across the suite, so data keyed into (say) the Quoting module is exported electronically and automatically to the Purchase Ordering module. Receipt an Order in that module and the Creditor Invoice is automatically updated into the Accounting module. One piece of software provides the total business solution.

Software that grows with your business

Every business needs to grow, and your software should grow with your business.

At Plusfactor we have a permanent development team working on continuous improvements to our product. We are looking to the future too! As the business community moves further and further into e-commerce, Plusfactor will be there with an up to date solution for you.

Meaningful Reports that are easy on the eye

Because we have over 15 years of experience in designing software specifically for the construction industry, we know the kinds of information our clients require, and so we have structured our reports to cater for those requirements. Our reports are printed with a lineal appearance making them very easy to read. Of course, you can choose to have your reports in graphical format too!