Quoting & Estimating

This module makes the process of estimating the cost of a Job a breeze!

Fast lookup by product code or by product description (or part thereof) saves time - and electronic pricebooks ensure price information is kept up to date - saving time and ensuring accuracy. New pricebooks may be imported at any time, and individual Estimates/Quotes or a range of them can be updated to current pricing with just a few mouse-clicks.

The software has the ability to create "kitsets" that are made up of many individual line items e.g. a kitset for say 10 square metres of 75mpa concrete. The kitset will contain concrete, mesh, pillars, etc - plus Labour, and perhaps some Plant hire costs too, but it will appear in the Estimate as a single line - distinguished as a kitset by colour.

A mouse-click opens a kitset line to reveal the full details - which may of course be edited.

One kitset can be copied to another - and then modified as required.

There is a "formula" capability too for use in calculating Quantities, areas etc. Formulae are user created and user editable. Simple, but versatile. Or use the Plusfactor Calculator, which runs in all modules to do some of your calculations.

There is an ability to enter details of Selected Lengths, which are then summed by the program to produce a total Quantity. The line item is again distinguished by colour, and the details are again available at a mouse-click. The individual Selected Lengths are printed on a Purchase Order.

Lines can be inserted or deleted, and subtotals can be inserted as required. Lines can be cut, copied, and pasted and entire Estimates can be copied too. Entire columns such as Quantities or Prices can be zeroed effortlessly.

Mark-ups and discounts are also catered for, and there is also provision for Schedule numbers.

A Quote can also be exported directly into the Accounting module as a Job Invoice, and Quotes can also be exported from the Server to stand-alone computers, modified in the field, and then imported back onto the Servere

Quotes may also have their Component totals exported to the Budget fields in the Job Records in Accounting.

Easy to use, and very easy to learn.