PlusfactorSQL handles all the Industry-specific transactions.

Progress Claims

For example, Progress Claims are a snap. All the cumulative values are stored, and prompted for the next Claim. Retentions are handled automatically - even the write off of any not able to be collected! Set % levels of Retention on the Job Record and these are calculated automatically in the Progress Claims routine. All Variations are tracked, and listed on the Claim document, along with Deductions. Progress Claims can be printed as Claims only, with no GST shown, or as Tax Invoices with GST.

Withholding Tax is also handled automatically.

Set a flag on a Creditor Record to say that supplier is subject to Withholding Tax, and also set a Rate. The system will automatically calculate and deduct Withholding Tax from all relevant transactions. In addition the details of Withholding Tax can be transmitted to the Inland Revenue's irFile along with PAYE - automatically.

Subcontractor Claims are covered by the Self-Billing routine.

This tracks all subcontractor claims Job by Job, and again automatically takes care of Retentions, Variations, Deductions, and Withholding Tax etc. The printed invoices are headed “Tax Invoice - IRD Approved” as required by the Inland Revenue. Print a Report of Retentions Withheld sorted by Job, or by Creditor.

Made a mistake?

Posted a transaction incorrectly? PlusfactorSQL permits such transactions to be undone! No complex Journal entries to fix things. Simply click on the Trashcan, and (provided you have System Administrator security status) hey presto! The transaction is reversed, and removed - leaving only an Audit Trail.

Help is on-line, on the CD, and on the Web.

PlusfactorSQL uses the familiar Windows® convention of Tool Tips - hold your cursor for a couple of seconds over a data-entry field, and a Tool Tip is displayed, very briefly outlining the use of the field. Need more? Detailed, context sensitive help is also easily accessed with a couple of mouse-clicks.

Alternatively, click on the Help icon on the Menu Bar, and select Plusfactor on the Web.

This will automatically start your Internet connection, and take you to the Plusfactor Web Site, where you can explore the User Manual, or study a list of FAQ's (Frequently Asked Questions)

If you think you have found a bug, there is another item on the Help icon drop-down list that opens an e-mail window, and sends the details to our e-mail address.