Total Building Solutions Ltd

"At Total Building Solutions Ltd we pride ourselves on being the best we can - so we use the best materials, the best staff and subbies, and the best of everything that produces the best results for our clients.

We chose Plusfactor as our business software as we believed it offered the best solution for our quoting, accounting, purchase ordering and payroll needs - and we are very satisfied with that decision.  Our quotes produce budgets for the cost of each component of our jobs, and the program tracks the actual costs against those budgets.  We can produce purchase orders electronically from our quotes and these in turn create creditor invoices without any rekeying, and that saves us time and money while improving accuracy.

Charge uyp jobs are easy ,all payoll, materials, and subtrades are brought into an invoice in a few moments   Following up on a warranty issue taskes less than a few minutes to track an invoice from a supplier - on a job you may hae done years ago.

Pl;usfactor calculates our work in progress for each job automatically so our monthly profit and loss account is really reliable.

I give Plusfactor a "big green tick" and am pleased to endores this product to any prospective user."

Grant Mackay, Managing Director.