Mobile Timesheets App available NOW

This new function from Plusfactor is Mobile Timeshets.  This is an App that permits staff to download their Timesheets to an Administrator Console in Plusfactor, ready to be edited and/or approved (if necessary) and then processed by the Payroll.  The App runs on Android and IOS phones and iPads and Android Tablets.

In addition to Time on Jobs text covering the work done can be included, as can details of marterials used and expenses incurred.

No more waiting for staff to hand in their timesheets before the Payroll is compiled!  All data is updated immediatey on the Administrator console whenever a Wen connection is available.

A secondary function is Work Scheduling.  This permits work schedules to be uploaded to individual Employees for future dates using a simple drag and drop interface on the Administrator console.  Estimated Time for each Job & Task can be entered, and on completion the employee simpy confirms or edits with the actual time taken.

Documents such as photos or text or other files can be uploaded from the Administrator cConso;e, or downloaded to the Console by staff.

The model is provided free to all Payroll Users.  There is a small monthly charge per active  Employee,